Unlock revenue with simple facility technology

Mero provides supply and labour analytics to recover 35%+ of cost instantly, with sensors on existing equipment.

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facility technology
facility technology
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facility technology
facility technology
Mero Technologies

Save Labour Costs with Smart Dispatching

Mero’s AI-powered dispatching system empowers you to manage your building with greater confidence. Receive traffic and supply alerts in real-time, providing cleaners an optimal route-map that saves time between visits.


Real-Time Building Performance Metrics

No more sifting through manual logs, or relying on cleaners to fill in forms, and save time on compliance. Mero's beacon-powered automated work verification system takes care of all of the guesswork in labour management.

Increase visibility

Insight into cleaner performance, with data-backed logs for contract renewals

Save money

Proven supply savings of >40% means you regain lost revenue

Retain tenants

Restrooms always stay clean, even with high fluctuations in traffic

facility technology
facility technology

Building Maintenance Made Easy

Mero provides actionable analytics property managers for the first time, with facility technology that uses existing equipment. Sensors monitor facility supplies, traffic, and waste, telling you what’s needed in real-time. Cleaners can operate more efficiently, and make the most of your annual supply spend.

Supply, Traffic and Workforce Management Data

Real-time data through flexible facility technology replaces guesswork and routine with powerful data-driven operations.

Supply levels updated in real-time

With proactive cleaning, supply savings alone of 35% deliver rapid ROI for commercial facilities

management technology

Scheduling and performance insight

Know the busiest times in your building, and schedule your staff accordingly

Cleanliness metrics to keep you ahead

Receive accurate performance data on workers for greater transparency

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We’re here to help your facility operations save time and money – from small to large. We are a facility technology provider solving property manager problems.  Read more about us here.

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