Reduce crowding and know the status of restrooms in real-time

Knowing a restroom's peak demand, time last cleaned and the number of visitors is now top of mind.

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MeroTraffic gives you actionable data on traffic flows and staff location status with sensors that take less than thirty seconds to install.

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Automated work logs thanks to Mero's proprietary network

Zero-touch, tap, log or call. Cleaner check-in occurs automatically, so you don't have to wonder if that issue on the 34th floor was attended to.

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Real-time metrics on traffic flows

Useful data for scheduling on demand. Understand the areas that need attention immediately, and the areas that can be left for later. Cleaning staff can now focus on more useful tasks than wandering.

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Track valuable data on a one-stop dashboard

MeroDash is an easy-to-use dashboard that makes it easy to detect busy areas and dispatch cleaning staff to high traffic spots.

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Tracking labour spend isn't easy

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High-traffic alerts to reduce crowding

Dispatch cleaning staff to busy areas to mitigate any sanitation concerns. High traffic means high priority.

Up-to-date info on restroom visits

Tenants can get information about the last time a restroom was cleaned, the number of people that visited since cleaned, and more.

Time spent between locations is time spent not cleaning

Half of a cleaner's time is currently spent traveling between locations. Cut that down by more than 20% with Mero's AI-powered routing system.

Save labour costs and get the most out of your contracts

Optimize cleaner routes and reduce travel time with intelligent routing.

Real-time alert of issues

See the areas that need urgent attention and direct staff to those areas.