The return to work is introducing new cleaning standards

Be a part of the shift with real-time paper and liquid supply monitoring.

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Reduce the risk of having empty paper and liquid dispensers. Empty dispensers are not only a bad experience, but it's also a risk to your building. Take the guesswork out of supply management with MeroSupply.

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Keep track of consumables in real-time

Supplies are walking out of the door without you realizing. Studies show up to 40% of supplies are wasted due to routines. Busy periods reduce supplies faster than standard routines can handle. Allow cleaners to be efficient with their time and focus on deep sanitation by taking routine dispenser checks off their to-do list.

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Get the information you need, when you need it

MeroAlert routes cleaners to the priority areas in a building when you want. For example, specify alerts at 20%, 15%, or any desired level, to be sure cleaners make the most of the supply budget.

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Real-time insight into supply levels

MeroDash is an easy-to-use dashboard that makes it easy for property managers to track the percentage of individual supplies at specific locations or across an entire portfolio.

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Try MeroSupply

Our Benefits

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Keep critical supplies stocked

Soaps and sanitizers simply must be kept in-stock. Ensure your products stay stocked without having cleaning staff hover over supplies.

Improved customer experience

Clean, well-stocked restrooms means everyone is doing their job well. Maintain your reputation as the best and protect your investment in customer experience.

Stay green and sustainable

Stay green and sustainable by saving supplies. Cleaners avoid early refills, and you can maximize the utility of items without worrying about empty dispensers.

Maintain a reputation as the best

Customer experience is an investment. Be confident your building will be clean while saving money.

Instant ROI

Supplies saved are cash in your pocket. See how we can save your company money today.