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Mero Technologies Enables Just-in-Time Cleaning

"Optimizing the route of cleaning staff presents major efficiency and cost-saving opportunities for building managers."

Mero press

Bringing Analytics to Property Management

"Mero [is] leading the way to changing the landscape of technology in property management."

Mero press

AI-Powered Smart Route-Mapping

"With York University, Mero world-class AI smart-route mapping algorithms that our customers valued greatly..."

Mero press

Mero Technologies’ Innovative Take on Washroom Cleanliness

"Mero's solutions allow property management to take a holistic view of their buildings and notice details surrounding demand."

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Taking Centre Stage at SaaS Showcase

"Mero's solution addresses the problems that currently cost North American businesses billions of dollars each year in unnecessary expenses."

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High tech technology for the restroom

"The technology is flexible and adaptive, and can be used for any application monitoring consumables."