Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect to pay to implement a service from Mero Technologies?
Mero believes in bringing value to our customers. When signing up for our service, you will see an immediate return on investment and we aim to get your money back through thesavings quickly. Our service pays for itself and then a lot more! For personalized quotes, please contact us to get you the best possible price for your property.
Will I be able to track how much is being spent on supplies?
Most certainly! Mero sends reports updating you on the amount of supplies being utilized. We also send detailed analytics to inform you on cleaning performance, scheduling, and route optimization.
Will I have to change any of my existing equipment?
No. Our sensors fit into existing equipment and work without any significant modification or alteration to dispensing equipment.
Your claim of reducing custodial expenses by more than 30% seems a bit far fetched. What makes you so sure that we will see similar results?
Great question! We have worked with a wide variety of property types, ranging from large corporate towers to international airports. Based off statistical data, we were able to significantly reduce labour and supply expenses immediately at these facilities greatly through our sensors. The first rolls changes produce cash savings. Still don't believe us?
What do the sensors monitor? Does it record images and sounds?
Fantastic question! The Mero devices strictly inform users a percentage remaining that resource is at. Mero does NOT record or transmit any sort of imagery, sounds, or sensitive information. How long will it take to implement this solution? How fast will I see a return on investment? You are on a roll with these questions! It takes less than a day for Mero for installation, and ROI starts generating the day the sensors are deployed.
Does that mean no drilling or any sort of electrical wires?
No! Our sensor fits into the equipment without any drilling or permanent damage to existing equipment.
Will I be able to understand cleaner whereabouts?
Our technology provides end-to-end workforce management, meaning you can see automated cleaning logs and real-time location of cleaners as a benefit of our technology.