Provide peace of mind in public spaces

Comfort provides the ultimate safety and security in your facility experience to visitors

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Comfort by Mero

People returning to work will need confidence in their building cleanliness. Comfort provides high value consumer statistics and can tell users to visit cleaner areas for a safer experience.

The leading building managers invest in safety and Comfort.

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Your privacy is protected when you visit

Available on building displays or on mobile, Comfort can be accessed where users need it.

What’s more, Mero’s hardware collects no personal information from building visitors. Maintaining your visitors’ privacy is vital with Comfort.

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Cleanliness info has never been more valuable

Comfort provides the highest value statistics including the last time a restroom was cleaned, the number of recent visitors and the current level of critical supplies like soap. Users can choose a different, cleaner restroom by having information before entering.

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Fully integrated with Mero's platform

Have confidence that warning areas will be remedied immediately with MeroAlert.

Comfort also integrates seamlessly with MeroDash so the latest analytical insights are sent to managers.

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How to Use Comfort

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Dynamically schedule cleaning staff

Buildings are seeing less traffic, yet cleaning requirements have increased. Comfort leverages Mero’s occupancy data to truly schedule cleaning on demand.

Displays to improve visibility

Visitors need more than just your word that you’re providing a clean space, they need to see it. Implement Mero’s displays for improved visibility, or signage for users to log in via the web.

Drive engagement of your workplace app

Mero integrates with leading building management software. Users engage and interact with high-value products on mobile.

Dispatch cleaners to priority areas

Once a restroom needs cleaning, that’s only the first step. Mero’s alerting system triages cleaners to the restroom to clean it immediately.

Invest in privacy for visitor confidence

Mero’s sensors collect no personal information on visitors, and securely install with little modification to building infrastructure.