Introducing: Comfort by Mero

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  • Nathan Mah

At Mero, we are always thinking about how the world can return to being a safe and comfortable place, just as we remembered it.

Today, we’re happy to be launching Comfort, designed to bring peace of mind to building visitors and people back to work safely.

Real-Time Data Provides Visitors Peace of Mind

For Mero-enabled buildings, Comfort gives real-time information on the most critical restroom data. Visitors will know the number of recent visitors to a restroom, the last time it was cleaned, and whether that restroom has critical supplies such as soap. Patrons can then be re-routed to areas that have been cleaned more recently.

Information You Need, Where You Want

Comfort is designed to work on patron’s mobile devices, or any digital signage your space may already have. Our technology works on the medium you want.

Integration with MeroAlert

With your Mero sensing system, cleaners will be informed before tenants. Keep restrooms clean before issues arise with proactive cleaning. Comfort works as an add-on to all existing Mero products.

Get in touch today with a Mero rep to learn more about Comfort: Request a Demo today.