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By Nathan Mah / 2 minute read
Thursday, Mar 19, 2020

From Mero: We’re here for you In these uncertain times, as the impact of COVID-19 continues to evolve, we first wanted to reach out on behalf of the Mero team with the hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. Our closest partners, customers and friends are some of the most heavily impacted by the pandemic. We are extending our heartfelt gratitude to those who are working tirelessly to bring our world back to stability to mitigate the effects of COVID-19.

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By Nathan Mah / 5 minute read
Wednesday, Oct 23, 2019

“A thought on creativity, productivity, and making things that last.” Creativity is something I think a lot about, and I try to read anything to stimulate more of it. And admittedly, I’m aware that there could be few things more frustrating to read than an article about one’s creative process. What could be more self-indulgent? It just so happens that books from this category of productivity are not only my favourite, but have produced many classic titles.

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By Nathan Mah / 7 minute read
Tuesday, Aug 14, 2018

Note: I use the word “millennial” loosely throughout this article, but I don’t define a millennial to any age category. To me, a “millennial” is someone who has comfort with technology, and embraces the progression of our digital world. “You don’t have enough experience.” This is something almost every young professional has heard early on in their career. It’s engrained in our culture to believe starting a business when you’re young is a mistake.

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By Nathan Mah / 4 minute read
Monday, Jun 25, 2018

I’ll admit - not the lightest topic in the world. But it’s something that can’t be talked about enough. When I heard about the death of Anthony Bourdain, I was shocked. As a big fan of his travel and food shows, I had always known that Bourdain lived life on his own terms. After all, even in his high budget shows with him as the star, his true personality managed to shine through; fire-tongued, wild, and honest.

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By Nathan Mah / 6 minute read
Thursday, Apr 19, 2018

Heads down. Most of these people are my former classmates, and having recently graduated a Master’s program focused on providing the skills necessary to be an “entrepreneur”, this is a valid question. The mere existence of this type of program proves that starting a company is in vogue, despite it being more difficult than ever to build a successful company due to extreme competition. Regardless, entrepreneurship still remains an attractive option for every reason that working a typical job isn’t.

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