Our mission:

To foster beautiful, healthy, and sustainable urban environments for all.


For as long as can be remembered, building owners have been hiring property managers to care for their facilities, and property managers have hired people and cleaning services to do the work. Over the years, buildings got bigger, but caring for them became ever more complex, and the basic dynamics never changed.  At Mero, we are fundamentally changing the way buildings are managed.

Founding Team

Cole MacDonald
Co-Founder, Technology
As a passionate explorer of technology-inspired engineering innovation, he seeks positive change. While working in the analytics division of a major property management company, Cole put fresh eyes on static data. Maintaining his belief that great products are born from a response to customer problems that they solve, he’d prove it a few years later with, of all things, a soap dispenser.
Nathan Mah
Co-Founder, Business
A born entrepreneur, Nathan came by it naturally growing up in the family real estate and retail businesses. This provided him vast international business experience enabling him to learn people management, investor relations, and to acquire the full spectrum of financial acumen required to take a game-changing idea from start-up to category-busting success.

Mero Technologies enables property managers to maintain buildings and manage the crews hired to do it, with real-time supply status alerts saving them time and money. The supply savings alone of 30% represent real money savings, but beyond that is reducing what plagues property managers most: responding to the latest daily crisis.

No longer. Now you’ll know before it’s a crisis, staying ahead of the game, instead of playing catch-up.  Mero has been proven in the field to provide results.  Get in touch today to get started.